Game Improvement begins today.

 Tru Swing Golf Academy is located at Park Hill Golf Club in Denver, Colorado.
Just minutes from Downtown Denver, Cherry Creek and Stapleton.
“Practice with a purpose” 
is the driving force behind Tru Swing Golf Academy.  You can spend 15 minutes working on great technique and experience more improvement, than working round the clock on a technique that does not support your swing. In all sports you have a coach.  Why would golf be any different? Why struggle when you can practice with purpose and understand your swing dynamics. Our coaches inspire students through technique, communication, and building confidence.  
At Tru Swing you will learn to swing the club more consistently and play the game with more enjoyment. With natural grass hitting bays, and year-round instruction, find out why Tru Swing is rapidly becoming a beacon for golfers of all abilities.
All skill levels are welcome.