TruSwing Golf Academy Students Say…

“Your lessons really helped, shot 41, 37 yesterday!”  John S  5/25/17

“With your help I shaved an average of 5-10 strokes.” Kendell H 2/23/17

“I look forward to using your techniques when we play a round.”  Joan L 2/20/17

“I think about the golf swing a lot, and can’t wait until the next time I can practice.”  Bill W 10/25/16

You will learn more with video analysis!

Check out our video analysis page to learn more about how we provide unique coaching tools to provide our students with the best golf instruction and game improvement available in Denver!

TruSwing Golf Academy offers golf instruction along with unique learning tools to help our students significantly improve their golf technique. We are located at Deer Creek Golf Club, Littleton,  Colorado. SEE MAP

“Practice with a purpose”  is the driving force behind Tru Swing Golf Academy.  Our golf coaches inspire students through technique, communication, and building confidence.  

At Tru Swing you will learn to control your shots and enjoy more consistency on the course.  We have an indoor facility for the winter months to keep your game sharp.  A perfect time to work on basics, understanding your strengths and weakness through-out your game.  With nearly 500 students over the past three years, Tru Swing continues to evolve and we hope you will join us in improving your game. All skill levels are welcome.